The Million Dollar Fire of ‘97

 The Million Dollar Fire of ‘97

Shortly before 4 a.m. on April 8, 1897, a porter working in the Hotel Knox in Knoxville Tennessee smelled smoke at about the same time a nearby patrolman saw flames on the roof of the hotel and...

Knoxville is one of the most haunted cities in the south

Knoxville is one of the most haunted cities in the south

Smith escorts groups through the haunted areas of the city where he regales his audience with the dark and ghostly history of the city and explains the scientific methodology of his investigations. Occasionally, some of his tour members have sighted or photographed some unexplained phenomenon that appears to be other worldly.

Unfinished Business in Knoxville: Skeletons in Our Closets

May 23, 2015

Bob H Boyd | Investigative Reporter ~ Knoxghost

If you’ve ever watched a horror movie, or flipped past the SyFy channel, you know that the personal baggage we leave behind has always been linked to paranormal activity. You shouldn’t trust everything you see on TV, but, in this case, there is truth in the myth. Many paranormal experts, including our own J. Adam Smith, agree that the kind of energy involved in unfinished human business has strong influence on hard-to-explain occurrences. Places in your everyday routine might be brimming with paranormal energy.

            Locations like this take all shapes and sizes. J. Adam Smith has had experiences in places that housed secret societies, and extensive Mafia activity. However, one of the most intensive paranormal sights he had to discuss was Waverly Hills Sanitarium, native to Kentucky. This building, once home to many mentally troubled and potentially haunted individuals, flows over with unresolved angst and trauma. Smith’s biggest warning about these kinds of sights is that they can reach out and affect your psyche. It’s imperative that you take necessary precautions to defend against these rouge energies. It seems that, when it comes to ghosts, insanity is catching.

            Keep in mind, as you traverse the rich historical and emotional landscape of Knoxville, that you may be sensitive to these traumatic imprints, and that there are ways to defend yourself. These kinds of spiritual sinkholes could be anywhere, and, in a city like ours, might be lying in wait for an empath like you. Paranormal investigators like J. Adam Smith are true fountains of knowledge when it comes to how these energetic warzones manifest in our day-to-day life, but, if one thing is certain, it’s that you should trust your instincts. If it gives you the wiggens, keep moving, and keep your eyes open for sites of unfinished business near you.



South Knoxville in grips of Poltergeist?

May 21, 2015
|Bob H Boyd ~ Investigative Reporter | Knoxghost.NET

Some of our oldest stories warn against disturbing the ground where we lay our deceased. It’s a concept that seems instinctual across many cultures and times. From Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico to holding your breath while walking past Old Gray Cemetery, these superstitions reach deep in our collective psyche. Could there be something to this innate desire? Perhaps the energies in these places need our consideration, are prone to being thrown out of sync.

Certainly these “horror” stories fascinate us. They receive top billing at our theaters and sell right off the shelves of our bookstores. One of the most striking works on this topic has to be 1982’s Poltergeist. This story of upsetting a Native American burial ground, and the paranormal violence that ensues, was certainly my first deep, unsettling fright. So popular was this film that a remake is hitting theaters this very night.

Now, some of our investigators here at Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours have heard rumors of burial mounds, similar to those described in the movie Poltergeist, in South Knoxville. Sources confirm that there are burial mounds, each housing between ten and one hundred graves, on Cherokee Boulevard and the Agricultural Campus of the University of Tennessee. What kind of latent energies lie in wait at these sites? One of the fundamental principles of the work that we do (keep an eye out for upcoming articles relating to this topic) is that great amounts of trauma often accompany paranormal activity. It begs the question of how these mounds affect our fair city. Furthermore, could there be similar, undiscovered sites in South Knoxville, paved over by time and development?

If the archetypal story put forth in Poltergeist holds any truth, then these burial mounds could be rich centers of history as well as paranormal energy. Have we done all that we can to preserve and honor these sights? What might the consequences be for neglecting them? As always, we at Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours will continue to investigate, and ask that, if you know any of these sites or have witnessed any hard-to-explain occurrences, you please come forward.

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