Frequently Asked Questions!

We take pride in making sure that every participant has a joyous time on our Tours.  Please review the Information below so there will not be any unexpected surprises.  Happy Hauntings!


What makes Haunted Knoxville the Best Tour in the Country?

Haunted Knoxville Tours (www.knoxgost.NET) is a One-of-a-Kind ghost hunting experience. Not only do you get to learn the True History of Knoxville, but you get to go on a real paranormal investigation. Our Tour guides are trained and educated on the History of Knoxville, they go through a certification process for each and every tour, and they train with internationally recognized Paranormal Investigator, J-Adam Smith.

Do Haunted Knoxville Tours promote Team Building?

Yes, Our Tours are designed to be an interactive experience with a twist of Excitement! On our Investigations our New Investigators are given REAL paranormal investigation tools, educated on the usage, and are guided to real haunted locations. The science of paranormal investigation requires strong communication and Team-work. Participants, must work together to support any Paranormal disturbance. So, in essence, if you have a group that is in need of bonding activities, this tour can be a catalyst for you, and they will love you for it. We are booking private tours for Medium to Large Groups. You can contact us at:

Does your Walking Tour go into Buildings downtown?

No, We have searched for Haunted locations, that happen to be right under your feet. Our Ground Zeros, or Locations of Traumatic Incidents, are all on the Streets and Sidewalks. And, we have so many, that we have to have multiple tours.

Do you have events that go into Buildings downtown?

Yes, We have special events that give our clients the experience of going inside buildings. Currently our special events are: Nightmare on the Tracks | The great Fire Investigation | Atomic Tour (Coming Soon)

Be advised that the price per ticket will be a bit more on special events due to additional costs associated with those events.

How many locations do you visit on a walking tour per night?

On average we can hit 4-5 Ground Zeros in a 2.5 hr period. Of course this number can change if locations we visit are active.

How many Ground Zero’s have you Found in Downtown?

We have collected 35 Ground Zero’s as of last month, and we are still digging.

How much does it cost to participate in a Tour?

We have priced our public Tours at $40 per Adult and $35 per Youth (9-12) ~ There are plenty of Instant Discounts floating around. Private Groups of 20 or more get discounted rates… Minimum requirements for a Private Group is for up to 6 people or $180… (Depending on Season)

Tickets can be purchased at: or to reserve your Private Tour contact us at:

Is there anything else on the Horizon for the Tours?

Yes, J-Adam Smith will be Featured in an award winning Documentary ( this Coming Spring 2015. Make sure to look for the Airing Event at Ramsey House.

Tour Guidelines

  • Each Tour REQUIRES reservations!

  • Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours are limited to a maximum number of 25. (Paranormal Adventure Tours | walking tours)

  • All Attendees are required to arrive On Time!!! (It is not fair to have all the other clients waiting on your arrival)

  • Most of our Tours are handicapped accessible. As with any of our Tours, please call ahead if you have special needs.

  • Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours may reschedule due to poor weather conditions. If the weather is bad, we may be forced to reschedule/rain-check our guests to a different date. Please be aware that weather conditions in the Tennessee Valley can be very unpredictable. We ask our guests to watch emails and texts up to the event for any last minute alerts.

  • Our Tour Guides are English speaking only.

  • We recommend participants to bring Digital Cameras, but Video Camera’s and Voice Recorders are Prohibited except during the Investigation portion of the events. Please respect the privacy of other guests and ask for permission from other participants before recording. (Out of respect for the privacy of other participants)

  • Comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing should be worn; these events may be entirely outdoor.

  • Paranormal Adventure Tour (walking tour) visit several locations, covering 1-2 miles per tour and spending approximately 15 minutes at each location.

  • Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours reserves the right to remove any participant who is being disruptive and distracting from the enjoyment of others on the tour, or whose behavior may pose a hazard to our other guests or to private property owners.

  • Please get along with each other and your Tour Guide. (Each of us has right to believe what we believe - imposing your view on others will be considered disruptive and the behavior will force us to remove you without refund.)

  • Stay with the group at all times.

  • Do not enter, or trespass on property the tour has not been invited to take you onto, or into. We respect the people and the property of the people of the towns we tour. Again, if you travel outside of the designated tour area you will be responsible for dealing with the authorities Alone!

  • With accordance of Tennessee Open Carry law, we ask that participants that have carry permits keep their firearms concealed at all times throughout tour (unless in threatening conditions).

  • If participants choose to drink adult beverages before taking our Tour, they must do so responsibly.

  • It is extremely important to be considerate of other participants views and opinions. Rude, hateful or offensive comments will not be tolerated by Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours. All are welcomed, accepted, and treated with respect. (If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything)

  • If participants show signs of intoxication, they can and will be removed for intoxication without refund.

  • If Tour gets canceled by Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours due to illness or inclement weather, Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours will contact its participants and offer a secondary Tour Date...

  • There are NO REFUNDS and or Exchanges

Liability Disclaimer:

Although all of our walking tours are only held in safe and very accessible areas, the voluntary participation by the participant in any tour offered by our company, as well as any heirs or assignees, agree to hold harmless and release, both now and in perpetuity Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours and its agents, employees, contractors and or representatives from any and all liability, injury, accident, death, harm, financial loss or incidental damages, or any other circumstance arising from or that may occur during, immediately preceding or following or is in any way related to participation in said activity, whether or not due to omission, negligence, incompetence, failure or any other reason on the part of or by Haunted Knoxville Ghost tours. Participant understands that said activity may be physically strenuous and potentially hazardous, and agrees that they are in adequate physical and mental condition to participate as well as adequately clothed.

Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are permitted on our tours. If anyone is deemed to be intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of drugs or alcohol by the tour guide, that person, or those persons will be removed from the tour with No Refund.

If you choose to write about your experiences on our Tour, please do so with respect for those leading the Tour.