Make up your own mind… 

Our job is not to convert skeptics but moreover, give you the opportunity to make up your own mind. see you on the next investigation.


Girl Scout Troop Genuine Reactions

Watch as this troop of scouts interacts with a spirit and gets more than they expected…


Evidence gathered on a special event hosted by Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours, "A Nightmare on the Tracks", some of the participants believed to have received a message on the Spirit Box...



Part one of this experience at the “Nightmare on the Tracks” Special Event, the spirits are aware of who frequents the station.

a very clear message…

Part 2 of this video from “Nightmare on the Tracks” special event, the spirits seem to know where Bryce is.


Haunting EVP

at Historic Southern Railway Station in Knoxville, TN

Girl Scouts Ghost Hunting

Merit Badge program ~ Spooky Activity

spiritual activity in Maple hall

Major activity in Maple Hall

LIVE from the Great Fire Paranormal Investigation

The FAM Show: special Guests

“Nightmare on the Tracks” Investigation