Haunted Knoxville Set to Win the Big Race

May 29, 2015
Bob H Boyd ~ Investigative Reporter | Knoxghosthost

Well, folks, there’s another big move for Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours coming down the pipeline, and it’s coming fast. Starting this June, HKGT will be one of the primary sponsors for an honest-to-goodness racecar. Adam Watson and Roger Rainey pilot this speed demon, and I had the good fortune to talk with Adam a little bit about what’s in store for our team, his team, and all the race fans out there.

Both Adam and Roger will be officially coming out of retirement this year, and, if their records have anything to say, it should be a big year. In 1993, Roger was crowned champion within the Modified Street Class, with 14 wins out of 23 races, and went on to collect many more wins in the Late Model Class. Adam, who began racing in 2006, has broken the Top Ten over 24 times, placing in the Top Five seven of those times. The team will begin racing in the Sportsman Late Model Class this year.

In his own words, “Please check out the tours. Even if you’re not a believer, you will get an experience. It’s full of paranormal knowledge and rich with history. It’s the only tour I have ever been on where they give you tools to use and teach you how to use them.”

Keep an eye out for the big race dates as they get set in stone, and, as always, keep investigating.

Fundraiser and Award Winning Film Release ~ Historic Hauntings: A Paranormal Study of Ramsey House

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Historic Ramsey House at 2614 Thorn Grove Pike in Knoxville will be introducing to the public, for the first time, the results of the paranormal investigation by Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tour’s J-Adam Smith and captured on video by Patrick Watson of Mapletree Productions.

In this Award Winning presentation you will see the long awaited results that may put to rest all the speculation as to whether Historic Ramsey House is haunted. “For years,” said Director Judy LaRose, “there have been reports of spiritual or ghostly sightings by passer-bys, neighbors, visitors and even some of our own board members and staff. We felt it was time to put the rumors to rest by having a Paranormal Investigation.”

The half hour video documents the investigation along with the history of the home and family.  There will then be a half hour tour led by J Adam Smith discussing the details of paranormal investigating. We think you will find this as exciting and fascinating as we did.

This fundraiser will start with a VIP session at 5:30pm. It will include a brief history of Ramsey House and the Ramsey family. J-Adam Smith along with Lindsey Whatley will be presenting Ghost Hunting 101. You will learn the ins and outs of the Ghost Hunting business, the equipment used and how to interpret the results. You will view the film and tour the house with the Ghost Hunting team. Admission for the VIP session is $35 and includes a copy of the DVD for you to take home. The number of guests for this tour is limited.

Admission for the additional tours is $25 per person to include a viewing of the film in the Visitor’s Center and a tour of the home with J-Adam.

All proceeds from this fundraiser went directly to Historic Ramsey House so thattheir mission of preservation, education and interpretation of the historic home and  one of the founding family’s that took such a great leadership role in the development of Knoxville as we know it today.

For reservations contact:

Historic Ramsey House at (865)-546-0745;

judy@ramseyhouse.org; Kathy@ramseyhouse.org