Strange Sounds in Knoxville: What is coming?

May 14th, 2015

Beginning in 2011, people have documented haunting sounds all over the earth. These ethereal melodies seem to emanate from our own atmosphere, and, though the locations vary greatly from rural to urban, the qualities of these sounds remain much the same: tearing metal with the tenacity of an oncoming tornado.  Though volume and pattern may differ, these recordings are obviously related, and easy to find around the web.

            This great mystery goes mostly unexplored by society at large. Some would say this is our government’s policy with things it cannot explain, as expressed by one anonymous witness.

Whatever research into this phenomenon may develop behind the scenes, the public at large still searches for answers. From suburban cul-de-sacs to bustling thoroughfares, witnesses to this harrowing song are left disjointed and without community. Late in the evening, on the 3rd of May, this very phenomenon hit our fair city. As one witness noted, this, "wailing noise [s]ounded like something out of a movie and lasted for minutes."

So, we at Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours, as lead investigators into the not-so-easily-explained, are putting out the call through our community. Have you bared witness to one of these events? We want to hear your voice. Help us make a wider tapestry of understanding from this difficult truth. Even if you are a Knoxvillian who has heard these noises outside of our fair city, we want to know. Your testimony, especially any recordings that languish on your electronics, can help us all understand. Here’s hoping the investigation continues on.


For a near-comprehensive collection of these incidents dating back to 2011, visit: