Knoxville, Tennessee is Historic and Haunted!

May 2nd, 2014

Knoxville, Tennessee is known for many different things. We were Tennessee's Capital City, we are the Home of The University of Tennessee "Volunteers", known as the Gateway to the Smokies, and much much more.  Paranormal Activity is not an easy sale to residents who have lived their entire lives in the City.. 

"I've lived here for 50 years, we have never had any ghostly encounters."  annonymous

You know, they have a point, Why are we getting responses on our equipment yet citizens are not recognizing any signs of paranormal activity.  (Or, are they?) This is where I come in. 

Let me introduce myself, my name is J-Adam Smith and I am an Paranormal Historian, Professional Ghost Hunter, Electric Violinist, Spiritual Advisor, Energy Therapist, and Director of Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours.  Some of you may have seen my award-winning Documentary, "Historic Hauntings: A Paranormal Study of Ramsey House", may have seen my appearance on Travel Channels, "Paranormal Paparrazi" as a Paranormal Expert or have even seen me leading Ghost Hunting 101's at convention around the United States. 

I am blessed to have moved to Knoxville in 2007.  I love the city more every year I reside here.  One of the things that attracted me the most to the city is the History.  I could spend entire days at the East Tennessee Historical Society researching battles, fires, outlaws, mobsters, and trauma.  Who would have known that this same history would later drive my passions as both a Ghost Hunter and a Story Teller.

Here I am, I'm in a city that one, is not a big fan of anything paranormal, and two, is not terribly open to outsiders.  That didn't stop me...  I am totally in love with that which some take for granted.  My Big, Little City... 

I posed a question to myself, "If there is Trauma, could there be Unfinished Business?"  With our research, we found that accidents, shootouts, murders, or secrets were around almost every corner.  Could this city be... HAUNTED? 

With my trained ghost hunting team, I started investigating these traumatic ground zeros.  Using quality ghost hunting gear and much know-how, we started producing more and more scientic evidence of activity.  One after one these traumatic zones were showing evidence of hauntings.

So,... Why are we recognizing the ghostly activity and others may not be?

Truth is many of the citizens may be having encounters daily but do not recognize the activity.  If a spirit were to move the keys of a unsuspecting person.  The human may not even recognize that the keys were moved, if they did happen to recognize them in a different place they may say to themselves,"I must be mistaken"

It takes a paranormal encounter to open a persons eyes to paranormal interactions.  Near death experiences also assist in recognition of spirits.  I personally had my first paranormal encounter in my 1923 home in Leesburg, FL over a decade ago.  These encounters drove me into my career as a paranormal investigator.

The most challenging realities in a city like Knoxville is that there are individuals and groups who are so opposed to the paranormal that they will go out of their way to judge and condemn these investigators.  These individual have most likely have been taught that people who are associated with the paranormal are crazy, dangerous, or sacreligous.  And, there are some who judge the Paranormal Field of Study as a joke because of shows like Ghost Adventures who truly do falsify evidence for ratings.

The results that I get are TRUE, scientically analyzed, and Real evidence.  We have uncovered so much paranormal data since 2010. that we truly feel Knoxville is one of Americas Most Haunted City. 

This may be a hard sale to Knoxville citizens, but truth be told we have the evidence.