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Market District Tour – Join the Investigation Tour that put Knoxville on the Paranormal Map. This tour visits ground zero locations including: where a famous 3 way homicide took place, where the dead were prepared, where the Children’s spirits are at play, and where a notorious fire occurred which claimed many. (Be Daring, bring a child’s toy from the early 1800’s.)

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The “Historic Southern Railway Station” offers our participants complete access to investigate the Building which was built in 1903 and the Traincars. This site has connections with one of the most horrific Train Disasters in American History and was even used as a makeshift morgue during the train disaster. We have collected some of our most significant paranormal evidence at this site. (We are the only Organization granted access to Investigate the Historic Southern Railway Station)

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In 1897, Knoxville had one of the Greatest Fires in the History of Tennessee. Many concerning facts were surrounding this Fire which left an imprint of Lore and Legend. Were more lives lost in this fire, was there cover-up by business organizations downtown or the City, and does the location have cause to be Haunted? Many who work in this Business location have experienced significant Haunted encounters… You may be the next to have an experience at Maple Hall. (This Event is the most extensive and includes full History presentation, Ghost hunting 101, and Investigation)


Girl scouts program

GHOST HUNTER TOUR designed for Girl Scouts ( Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador )

Dig into the science behind ghost hunting with a walking tour by Knoxville Ghost Tours AND earn a patch!

Scouts will learn Knoxville history, work as a team, investigate using a variety of equipment, and come to their own conclusions based on the evidence you find! This is a non-scary patch program!  Join in on a popular public tour (Friday and Saturday nights) or schedule your own private tour (for up to 30 people). 

Additional Patches are available for $5 each. 

This activity is suggested for girls age 9 and up. Adult chaperons are required. 

Partnership with Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians



PRivate tours available

Bridge District Tour – One of Knoxville’s Oldest Tales is of a mysterious cursed light on Gay Street Bridge. For centuries there have been rumors circulating Knoxville about this light, let us share how our research has uncovered the Facts, while also sharing some of the Darkest Facts of this side of town. (Be Daring, bring a bandana.)

Court District Tour – Spirits from the Elite and Powerful control this District. Experience firsthand how some of the spirits show their divided loyalties, explore where there was once a Famed Confederate Jail, and visit the location where a once Famed soldier was believed to have been hung. Conclude the investigation at one of Knoxville’s most haunted buildings. (Be Daring, bring a walking cane, top hat, and newspaper.)

Old City District Tour – Explore what makes Old City so unique! This tour visits Ground Zeros from the once disorderly Wild bar scene to the out of control riots of 1919. Be aware you will stand where criminals were once hung. This Tour brings together all that makes Knoxville mysterious. (Be Daring, bring a deck of cards or a small empty whiskey bottle.)

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Haunted Trolley Excursions (seasonal)

Haunted Trolley Excursions explore haunted sites that have never been investigate public such as Civil War Hospital grounds, location where there was once a gallows, and the location where the dead were transported due to a tragic accident without exposing the locations.  This tour is a must for the Adventure seekers.

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