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Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours is a Hands-On Paranormal Adventure that gives the participant the opportunity to Investigate the Historic and Haunted side of Knoxville TN and Special Event Venues. The events include the use of Paranormal Investigation Tools and is Host by Famed Paranormal Historian and Master Teacher in the Paranormal Field, J-Adam Smith This Tour is not just your ordinary Ghost Tour it is TRULY an Adventure.

Tickets Range from $25 to $60 depending on the Event and the Location!

Upcoming Special Events!

Reserve your Tickets to "Nightmare on the Tracks" Paranormal Adventure... Join  J-Adam Smith: Film Actor / Paranormal Historian  and Special Guest, Chris Schultz (paranormal radio personality, investigator, & creator of the "Hanz and Franz box". February 2nd, will truly be a truly memorable event. Additionally, the event is Sponsored by  Clowers Paranormal ITC  and our participants will have the opportunity to use NEW cutting edge equipment.

Reserve your Tickets to "Nightmare on the Tracks" Paranormal Adventure... Join J-Adam Smith: Film Actor / Paranormal Historian and Special Guest, Chris Schultz (paranormal radio personality, investigator, & creator of the "Hanz and Franz box". February 2nd, will truly be a truly memorable event. Additionally, the event is Sponsored by Clowers Paranormal ITC and our participants will have the opportunity to use NEW cutting edge equipment.

About: Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours

Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours is America’s Leading Historical, Investigations Based Ghost Tour. We pride ourselves with offering the community and tourists alike, a True, researched, and Educational Experience with a Dash of Chills.
We were founded in the winter of 2010 and our tours are based on information that our “Founder and Visionary”, J-Adam Smith, discovered while researching the Beautiful City of Knoxville.  He found that there were many intriguing stories that have been lost from the public eye.  A rich past that should not be forgotten.

J-Adam Smith felt that Knoxville needed a unique Ghost Tour. He recognized that there was rich history and a lack of historical Walking Tours in the City of Knoxville and felt the city was long overdue for one of the BEST walking tours in the Country.  Some of the Key points of interest on Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours is the Fact that our Clients are going on an “Investigation” with trained paranormal investigators, to real Factual “Ground Zero’s” (Researched location of traumatic happenings) , and participants are given Tools used by REAL paranormal investigators (as seen on TV).  


"Now, imagine a city where you’ll find real, historical evidence of tragedy and unfinished business stretching back for centuries. Left in its wake, a cavalcade of paranormal “Ground Zeroes” at every turn, with an organization dedicated to exploring those stories, as well as the paranormal energy that they’ve left behind in new and exciting ways. That city is Knoxville, Tennessee and ..."

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What's Included!

  • Use of professional Ghost-Hunting equipment - YOU get to be the investigator

  • Souvenir Ghost Hunter Lanyard

  • Guided by The Paranormal Historian,  J-Adam Smith (Film Star, Ghost Hunter, & Tour Director)


FREE ENTRY to Knoxville's TOP Live Music Venues: Scruffy City Hall & Preservation Pub Enjoy Live Music, Spirited Drinks & Roof Top Bars in Historic Downtown Knoxville TN


Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours are proud to offer special events to the community. These events offer Special access to some of the Most tragic sites in Knoxville.

Included in these locations are:

Nightmare on the Tracks

nightmare on the tracks knoxville tn ghost hunt
  • The “Historic Southern Railway Station” offers our participants complete access to investigate the Building which was built in 1903 and the Traincars. This site has connections with one of the most horrific Train Disasters in American History and was even used as a makeshift morgue during the train disaster. We have collected some of our most significant paranormal evidence at this site. (We are the only Organization granted access to Investigate the Historic Southern Railway Station)


Great fire investigation ghost hunt knoxville tn
  • In 1897, Knoxville had one of the Greatest Fires in the History of Tennessee. Many concerning facts were surrounding this Fire which left an imprint of Lore and Legend. Were more lives lost in this fire, was there cover-up by business organizations downtown or the City, and does the location have cause to be Haunted? Many who work in this Business location have experienced significant Haunted encounters… You may be the next to have an experience at Maple Hall. (This Event is the most extensive and includes full History presentation, Ghost hunting 101, and Investigation)

Girl Scout & Boy SCout Patch Program

girl scout boy scout ghost hunting merit badge knoxville tn

GHOST HUNTER TOUR designed for Girl Scouts ( Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador ) & Boy Scouts (Ages 9 and up)

Dig into the science behind ghost hunting with a walking tour by Knoxville Ghost Tours AND earn a patch!

Girls & Boys will learn Knoxville history, work as a team, investigate using a variety of equipment, and come to their own conclusions based on the evidence you find! This is a non-scary patch program!  Join in on a popular public tour (Friday and Saturday nights) or schedule your own private tour (for up to 30 people). 

The price is $25 per scout/$30 per adult. Price includes a souvenir lanyard, use of investigation equipment, Ghost Hunting 101 crash course, and a nationally-recognized Ghost Hunter and local historian as your guides.  

Patches are available for $5 each; they’re free if your group is 10 people or more. 

To register, go to Let them know if you’d like to purchase/receive the patch. 

This activity is suggested for girls age 9 and up. Adult chaperons are required. 

Partnership with Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians




Ghost Hunting Public Tour Knoxville TN

Market District Tour – Join the Investigation Tour that put Knoxville on the Paranormal Map. This tour visits ground zero locations including: where a famous 3 way homicide took place, where the dead were prepared, where the Children’s spirits are at play, and where a notorious fire occurred which claimed many. (Be Daring, bring a child’s toy from the early 1800’s.)


  • Bridge District Tour – One of Knoxville’s Oldest Tales is of a mysterious cursed light on Gay Street Bridge. For centuries there have been rumors circulating Knoxville about this light, let us share how our research has uncovered the Facts, while also sharing some of the Darkest Facts of this side of town. (Be Daring, bring a bandana.)

  • Court District Tour – Spirits from the Elite and Powerful control this District. Experience firsthand how some of the spirits show their divided loyalties, explore where there was once a Famed Confederate Jail, and visit the location where a once Famed soldier was believed to have been hung. Conclude the investigation at one of Knoxville’s most haunted buildings. (Be Daring, bring a walking cane, top hat, and newspaper.)

  • Old City District Tour – Explore what makes Old City so unique! This tour visits Ground Zeros from the once disorderly Wild bar scene to the out of control riots of 1919. Be aware you will stand where criminals were once hung. This Tour brings together all that makes Knoxville mysterious. (Be Daring, bring a deck of cards or a small empty whiskey bottle.)


What do we offer?

  • Discounts for groups 20 or Larger! (Non-peak Season)

  • Custom Event page for Signups (For Purchasing or RSVP)

  • Larger Group capabilities

  • Email, Social, and Web Promotions

Choose your Tour: Market District, Court District, Old City, & Gay St. Bridge

Please Be Aware, we get large quantities of RSVPs for the Halloween Season... If you want to have a special event this October, you MUST reserve ASAP!

For additional information email us:

Corporate TOURS

Plenty of Reasons to Join
Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours
with your Corporate Groups.


  • Opportunity to Incorporate:  Leadership workshops, Themes, Education, etc

  • History in a FUN Way:  Learn some of Knoxville's sometimes tragic, Often Mysterious Past, in a Fun and Unique way.

  • Team Building:  We have created a FUN way to bring your team together, in a Paranormal Way!  Our Investigation tour is designed to be interactive and offers plenty of opportunity for participants to communicate with others on the team.  Effective communication is the only way to Add Proof of Paranormal Happenings.  "How Haunted is Knoxville?"

  • SEE BELOW "Paranormal Adventure Challenge" for additional Corporate Group ideas.

For additional information email us:


This Activity is setup as a competition, Gain the most evidence and win the “Paranormal ADVENTURE Challenge”. 

To make this a more memorable night for your group, each team will have their own paranormal investigator to help conduct this Adventure. Your group will leave with a broader knowledge of Knoxville’s dangerous history while also learning the science behind paranormal investigation.  We amazingly bring History Alive with help of the paranormal.   

  • We will have 2 simultaneous adventures running with 2 famed Ghost Hunters.

  • Each team will be given a crash course Ghost Hunting 101.

  • Equipment will be passed out to the participants and the Team roles will be created.


30-Day ADVANCE NOTIFICATION is required to operate this activity.

For additional information email us:

Haunted Trolley Excursions


Have you Reserved your Tickets for this one-of-a-kind Adventure Downtown?  Haunted Trolley Excursions explore haunted sites that have never been investigate public such as Civil War Hospital grounds, location where there was once a gallows, and the location where the dead were transported due to a tragic accident without explosing the locations.  This tour is a must for the Adventure seekers.  Investigate with famed Ghost Hunter, J-Adam Smith and his team.  

The Event continues afterwards with FREE admission (21 and up) with your souvenir lanyard to Scruffy City Hall and Preservation Pub... Knoxville's TOP Live Music Venue.  Enjoy even more spirits with your spirits at this Spirited venue.