The Paranormal Sensation ~ Episode 1 ~ Tombstone 2018

Episode 1 |The Paranormal Sensation| Tombstone:

"The Paranormal Historian" (J-Adam Smith) is Broadcasting from Tombstone Arizona. Greed, Murder, and Mayhem... Tombstone has a Haunting History. Could this equal Paranormal Activity?

This week the Paranormal Historian is sharing his recent visit to Tombstone Arizona. This episode begins the Southwestern Paranormal Road Trip Series. Makes sure to FOLLOW us to stay informed of New Episodes.

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The Great Fire Investigation ~ making HISTORY in Downtown Knoxville

Maple Hall | Knoxville, TN

Maple Hall | Knoxville, TN

Without getting too Emotional, I (J-Adam Smith) along with help from my amazing KnoxGhost Investigation Team have truly created something that will go down in the History books (or should) in Downtown Knoxville TN.  

What is happening? 

Well, Knoxville TN has much history that is seriously disturbing, whether it be the dangerous shootouts, the outlaws, the race riots, you name it.... Knoxville TN has a dark and mysterious past.

Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours is all about sharing the cities traumatic history while also showing that the History past is still active and interactive to this very day.  Yes, I said interactive... We have been asked to partner up with Maple Hall which operates on the very ground of one of Tennessee's Greatest Fires ( per the Historical Documentation) and they in fact have been experiencing disturbances after hours in their place of business.

We (Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours) have agreed to partner up and create a Historical and Hands-On Investigation for the Public at Maple Hall.  This will be the FIRST opportunity for the Public to Investigate the "MILLION DOLLAR FIRE"!

Here is the significance of this Event!  For those avid Ghost Hunter (SyFy Channel) or Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel) Fans... YOU Get to be the FIRST to Investigate a location that ...

None of these shows have ever had the opportunity to Investigate!



Here are the Details:

EVENT:  August 24th, 2018 ~ Friday Night ~ Maple Hall Knoxville,TN

“Bringing History Alive: Explore and Investigate the Million Dollar Fire" after hours at Maple Hall. For the first time ever Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours in conjunction with Maple Hall will be offering to the public the opportunity to work with J-Adam Smith: Film Actor / Paranormal Historian and Knoxghost Investigators to do a real Paranormal Investigation of this truly Traumatic ground zero of the 1897 Million Dollar Fire.

• Paranormal Investigation
• “Bowling with the Spirits” for one hour ($30value) ~ Meet and
Greet with Fellow Investigators
• Snacks and Refreshments (brought to you by Maple Hall)
• Use of Professional Ghost Hunting Equipment
• Souvenir Lanyards
• Free Pictures & Autographs

Tickets go on Sale (JULY 1st), there will be a $10 OFF Promotion... Grab Your Tickets!

1897 fire ghost hunt media.jpg

"Ghostly Places of Tennessee" featuring J-Adam Smith (Release date: mid Oct 2017)



Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours and J-Adam Smith aka "The Paranormal Historian" are very excited to be featured in Ghostly Places.  Editor Kevin Slimp with Market Square Publishing Company approached J with the idea of featuring his historical and haunted research of Knoxville TN.  This publication is set to be available for sale thru local book sellers and even  We are grateful for the opportunity to share some of our undisclosed and truly haunted ground zero's.  


Shadow Person and a Suspicious Death still leaves unanswered questions in 88-year-old mystery

Shadow Person and a Suspicious Death still leaves unanswered questions in 88-year-old mystery

The complex stands on the site that was the scene of a suspicious death that has left many unanswered questions nine decades later. In this story we will look back on the crime that rocked a city, the enduring mystery and the aftermath as well as the spectral appearances that suggests restless spirits calling out from the grave for justice.